Thurgood Marshall Middle School (TMMS) is located at 428 Reynolds Avenue in Evergreen, Alabama. The school is composed of approximately 160 students in grades 6 - 8. 

The city of Evergreen is located in a rural area of South Alabama and consists of approximately 4000 residents with 34.2% living below poverty level. The city recently completed construction of a new court house which serves the Conecuh County. Evergreen features an Industrial Park and a recreational facility with picnic areas, tennis courts, baseball fields and softball fields. The local Country Club offers opportunities for swimming and golf. Reid State Technical College is located in Evergreen off I-65 which is in close proximity to the new economical development area.
One of the challenges our students face is because of living in a rural area transportation is limited which in turn does not allow students to use available resources. The low socio economic status of the majority of our students also limits access to technology outside of the school environment. These challenges are detrimental to their education.


Our Mission:

The mission of Thurgood Marshall Middle School is to assist pupils in making the transition from the middle/junior high grades to high school. 
The middle school recognizes that the children it serves are unique physically, socially, emotionally and intellectually; therefore, the middle school addresses the needs of this age group through an environment which is stimulating, diverse, secure, and stable. The middle school recognized individuality, promotes exploration, encourage feelings of self worth and develops self directions and respect for others. The success of the middle school is based on the active participation of children, parents, teachers, administrators, and community members.
The school moto is "We Are All On the Same TEAM!  The schools vision is S.T.A.R.S. - Students and Teachers Achieving Remarkable Success.
The schools beliefs are that each student is unique and has values. Staff, parents, students, and community members share the
responsibility of the educational process. High expectations increase students performance and self esteem. Every student should have the opportunity to develop to his or her maximum potential and level of ability. Every student is entitled to be taught by a qualified, caring faculty and staff who also serves as role models. Every student is worthy of a safe, supportive learning environment. The school recognizes and accepts learning as a complex process involving the total student; therefore, acquiring knowledge and competency. Skills should result in better understanding, thereby producing a change in interest and attitudes. Critical thinking and creative use of intelligence are desirable outcomes. The Marshall faculty is committed to the continuous evaluation of teaching strategies so that learning may be directed and redirected towards the attainable and realistic goals for our students.